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Get real-time information on the true FX market. Level the playing field with your bank: benchmark your FX operations, uncover the hidden fees and negotiate fair currency exchange rates.

Companies that annually exchange
20 000 000 NOK
pay yearly hidden FX markup fees up to:
53 622 NOK

How banks are overcharging you

Banks know that most clients don’t complain about extra fees if they bake them into their FX rates. The price you pay when converting money from one currency to the other is always higher than the price available to banks in the real market.

The real FX market is fragmented, made up of dozens of different marketplaces and liquidity providers, where rates can change every microsecond. Your lack of access to real-time market information has allowed banks to easily include a hidden supermargin without getting caught.

Financial professionals use Just Uncover to negotiate fair FX rates with their bank.


Every time you exchange currency, you can look at real-time, true market rates inside our application.

True market rates

Call your bank and use the rates you see on the screen to inform your FX dealer that you know where the market rates are at.


Just Uncover reveals the bank’s supermargin: the difference between the best market rate and the rate offered by your bank.


Use your knowledge of the supermargin to reduce your FX fees by negotiating better rates with your bank.

Why go Just?

Some businesses pay 20x more in hidden fees than others. Just Uncover has access to all major FX markets with the capability to extract and aggregate the best currency exchange rates, in real-time with microsecond accuracy. This enables you to get a live view of the true market rates and a chance to level the playing field against your bank.

Don’t let the banks overcharge you. Sign up to Just Uncover to get a real-time overview of true FX rates and uncover hidden fees.